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Update 2024/07/02: Removed warning about ProtonMail forwarding because I decided to no longer forward emails to this domain to my personal Gmail address.

Update 2024/04/13: Added more information regarding analytics received for links shortened using

Update 2024/01/04: Added disclaimer that emails sent to this domain will not be end-to-end encrypted.

Update 2023/12/22 (Part 2): After removing Google Analytics, switching DNS record management back to Gandi from Cloudflare, and removing Google and Meta Pixel analytics from my Hashnode blog, this privacy policy was edited to reflect the aforementioned changes.

Update 2023/12/22: Changed some wording for further clarification and added information about analytics using Cloudflare.

Update 2023/10/10: Added information about ProtonMail.

Update 2023/05/13 (Part 2): Add mention of Font Awesome custom CDN.

Update 2023/05/13: Replace references of Linktree to Keyoxide and added information about Cloudflare Always Online.

Update 2022/06/30: Remove irrelevant information about web forwarding.